Mavenn, The "Queen Of Rock, Jazz And Soul,  at House of V.

If You are wanting a "Mirror Image" of a recording, this is not the artist for you to hear. She has a Uniquely beautiful, powerful yet sultry voice...

Joining SL in 2011, Mavenn quickly found the live music scene and opened her own venue with a most sincere appreciation for the talent she found inworld. The ability to dabble in the music world opened her eyes to her own dreams again.. song.

The ability to soar into your dreams is what SL is about.

One night she would don dress and sing "Happy Birthday A la Marilyn Monroe" at a friend's birthday event. The spark was lit. The flame flickered, the fire raged.... With the encouragement of friends Mavenn would sing live for us.
Rock music is a familiar friend and starting from there Mavenn has stepped onto stages featuring jazz, soul, rock and blues. She pours her heart out on the stage as she presents some of your favorite songs in each genre in that way.

Mavenn's way.