Dancers Managment

Floreo Resident

Staff Director


I am called Floreo, Flo for short, I am since a few months staff manager at house of V, before that i was a house slave, i am still a house slave now and then to help on the dance poles... I like my job and i like team work.

See you around in the club!


Tania Arcana

Staff Manager

Hello. I'm Tania Arcana Staff Manager at House of V since 26 March 2017.
I started to work at HoV as dancer in 26 August 2016.
At begin of January 17 I was promoted Hostess.
At end of January I was promoted Officer and Asst Staff Manager and in 26 March 17 I was promoted to Staff Manager.
At 15 May 17 I was promoted as Land Manager.
At end of May 17 I was promoted Event Manager and I was also added to Dj Manager group.
I still miss something but I'm working on it laughs.
I love House of V and I really enjoy to be part of the awesome Staff of this Club.
Thank you House of V!!!!

Nellipat Stork

Staff Manager

I started in SL in 2006 not knowing where i would eventually would end up. I drifted around, afraid of strangers and not having many true friends. I heard of BDSM from an acquaintance and found a mentor from the Black Rose Club that gave me some books to read in my r/l. My SL life became my home and my release. I found a Dungeon Master from the UK that taught me so many things and helped me to understand my submissive self. I attended the School of Laomai and learned more about BDSM. I eventually completed the courses and was then branded. Before the school closed i was an instructor and mentor of the few remaining girls that were still attending. When the school finally closed, i was again out in the realm of SL looking for a place to belong. I found the Chateau de Roissy and worked there to earn the Sister of O designation, but i still didn't "belong" anywhere. It was suggested that i apply for an application here at the House of V as a dancer. I felt at home and a place to come and not worry about being judged or considered different. I became an Officer and eventually Staff Manager. I love my position here and feel that i have an endless family with the dancers being my girls. I've laughed, cried, and agonized over them. Applied an endless supply of band-aids to scapped knees, given endless hugs, supplied dancers with gummies, chocolates, and skittles. I have a family of officers, managers and directors that are the best family ever. I am honored to work at the House of V. I am never too busy for a hug and a smile. I am collared to a very loving dominant, Devon Patterson, He has been my owner for over a year now and we have a complicated relationship.