Marianne Breguet

Senior Music Director & DJ

I want to take just a moment to introduce myself, I am the DJ Senior Music Director Marianne Breguet. As most may know, my primary language is not english. But despite this language barrier, I am surrounded by colleagues that support what I do. I am very proud to be the Director of such a wonderful team of DJ's. Each representing their own style and nationality traits, and this is what gives our club great richness and diversity and a mix of music.
I can not take credit for the full responsibility of the team that was created, but rest assured you are guaranteed to have a great time and that means my goal has been reached. Wed/Friday/Sat/Sun 2PM.

Lucar Trafalgar

Music Director

I am Lucar Trafalgar. I have been a DJ for close to 4yrs spinning exclusively at HoV. I am also one of the Music Directors at HoV. I also DJ at HoV mainly on the weekends. We have a great team of regular and cover DJs on our staff and we keep HoV rocking with music 24hrs a day , 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
If you have any comments or concerns about the music at HoV, do not hesitate to contact me. We like hearing from our guests. Hope to see you real soon at HoV.

Sweetsurrender Snowpaw

Music Director

Hi, I am Sweets
I have been in SL just over 5 years and been a DJ for about 3 of those. I am English but I speak Dutch too, though not perfectly LOL
I like to play a bit of everything, and prefer Anything Goes DJing, so I try to keep out of particular Genres though I have a great love of Northern Soul and the 80s. I love taking requests and being challenged to find certain songs. Due to my real life work schedule I can't take a permanant DJ slot but I fill in quite often. I hope to see you swinging your pixels at one of my sets at HoV soon.

Shae Roxan

Music Director

Hi i am DJ Shae I have been a DJ at the House of V since 2013, I enjoy all kinds of music, I love being a DJ because its a great way to express yourself, I have so much fun at HOV and love meeting new people from all walks of life I am excited to be a part of the Dj Management team.

DJ Milae

DJ Manager

I am DJ Milae Lionheart-ĄŞŞĄŞĨη (2013UK Resident) thats pronounced 'my lay' or just call me Mili!
I'm based in the UK and I am a half Neko, who likes to have fun at my sets. I am the returning child in the House of V family. An old hand who has been DJ'ing since 2013. HoV was my big break and after an extended break away I have returned! It's good to be home!
Bringing you Milae's Musical Madness I play a mix of music (my love is Rock) I can been seen covering shifts at the House of V, whenever I can. I am also an Officer at the club so I am around a lot (it's my second home) and of course your see me there supporting my partner another DJ - the talented DJ MrBigStuph (Kenny Lionheart-ĄŞŞĄŞĨη)
Hope to see you at my sets! Sign up for a membership to receive notices or join the HoV friends group or check out my in world group search for DJ Milae's Followers