House of V


We have four levels of membership here at HoV.

These are:
• Solid Gold
• Gold
• Silver
• Friend

All Members have access to the different areas of the island:
• Members' House (read below for restrictions)
• Gothic/Dungeon Labyrinth
• Captive House
• The Forum
• Stonehenge
• The Rape House
• The Femdom Lounge
• The Formal Lounge


Gold Membership at House of V

• The Gold club belongs exclusively to these members and is intended for those who are serious about BDSM. RL D/s rules are respected and in place.
• When you join you will be presented with a gift set folder and house landmarks exclusive to HoV Gold Members.
• Access to Gold Club House, Gold Dock, Gold Parlor and ability to use the Gold fliers parked outside the third floor of the main House.
• Within the Gold Parlor and the Gold Club House anyone non-Gold may be claimed by a Gold member.
• Gold flier instructions: simply climb aboard, sit and click the engine control board on the coffee table. The warp will happen in 20 seconds and the flier will take you to a programmed spot where it will stay for an hour unless you click it to return earlier.
• Every two weeks one Gold Member will be chosen at random, the winner receiving a L$500 gift card
• The Members' House is now brand new and contains a great selection of the latest equipment SL has to offer.
• Exclusive GOLD Competitions and games such as the popular GOLD DJ day where you get to set the DJ playlists and win prizes for the best. Look out for pictionary games' evening, quiz nights, photo competitions and more.
• Free advertising space (the gold exchange) for goods/services/shops that our Gold members can offer, via the new HOV radio service and HOV website. (coming soon)
• Free use of the House slaves 24/7.
• Gold members may receive 30 minutes free time with the House Dominatrix per week. (This may not be saved up, time not used is reset at the end of the week)
• Please note you are NOT allowed to remove House Slaves from the sim
• You can add up to two sub/slaves to the account for no extra charge. Additional subs/slaves may be added at a cost of $300 each per month.
• You have access to all of HoV as well as the Private Members' House rooms (for Gold Group members only)
• Sundays are Gold Members' days exclusively
• When a Gold Member claims on Members' Day and takes the claim to the Members' House the duration of the claim increases from 30 minutes to an hour.
• Paid SOLID Gold Members are now able to claim 2 non-members simultaneously.
• If a paid Gold Member takes the claim to Members' House the claim can also be used by any other paid Gold Member
• Prestigious Gold Dom/Domme/Sub/Slave tag
• The most prestigious tag you can earn in HoV is that of Solid Gold Dom/me. This is reserved exclusively for those who have paid for a year or more's subscription. This means that you could pay 12 months as soon as you join or, if you've been a member for 4 months already, paying another eight up front will give you the Solid Gold tag. Solid Gold Members will soon be able to access the House Slaves' collars (which are set to the SG group) with a leash provided by the club.
• You will be invited to join Members only events at HoV, and provisions will be made if you wish to host a public or private party, with help from HoV staff.

Gold Membership is just L$1000 per month, payable to any Officer.


Silver membership grants you many rewards.

• You will be invited to join Members only events at HoV, and provisions will be made if you wish to host a public party, with help from HoV staff.
• You may on occasion hold your own private party at HoV
• Silver members receive preference in event participation
• 2 members days per week - Tuesday and Friday
• Use of the house slaves on Members days
• Your advice about the improvement of HoV will be carefully sought and considered
• House of V Silver Member tag

Silver membership is just L$500 per month, we'll even remind you a few days before due so you don't walk in on members day to an unpleasant surprise. Any HoV officer can help you join in just a few minutes.


Friend level puts you onto our IM list to be notified of special events and any changes at the House of V. Friends group is simple to join, you can locate it through group search or ask any staff member at the house. Friend status is free.