The HOUSE of V is a BDSM SIM, that does not mean we don't care. On Dec 2nd, Directors / Officers and Managers will be pole dancing with all there donations going to Toys For Tots.

The upper management all donate there time to HoV and care giving even more with this day of giving to help children.

The Toys For Tots are a way for the Marine Corp to help the needy, the auctions and Officer taking the polls dances are a way HoV can help the needy. All money raised goes to the Charity and a large portion is matched vy our Owner Miss Vv.

As a former Marine I thank you for helping my brothers ans sisters in the Marine Corp as the HoV Event Director I thank you for supporting HoV and ou community support events like the auction and the special poll dancing event.

Thank you.

Dragon HOV event Director ( Drifter Silverfall).