Thursday July 15th 2021

From 3 pm to 4 pm slt

Jack Slade is a multi-genre singer/songwriter from Minnesota singing a mix of folk, rock and southern rock.  His hypnotic voice e is a combination of Eddie Vedder, James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Chris Stapleton

Whether he is singing covers or originals, he pours his heart out in every song.  He delivers his music in such an intimate way that he'll have you wondering if he has read your diary and is singing just for you!

Jack's originals are absolutely from his heart. His haunting voice gives life to his music as he shares his loves, his losses, his heartaches, and even his soul.

He plays covers as if he wrote them, from Dan Fogelburg to Counting Crows and truly makes them his own.

Its easy to get lost in Jack's music so give yourself a break, sit back, enjoy and heal your own soul.