This is the chance, for you, our HOV GOLD Members, to call the shots and have your favorite tunes played as part of our DJ playlists. We'd like you to put together a 10 tune playlist, for our DJs to play in the Club to all our guests.

Our DJs will play as many as possible from 2 to 4 pm SLT on October 30th and dedicate you as the musical genius!

The best playlists will also receive a prize from our Music Directors. It's all for fun so be original and enjoy searching your favourite songs to share out.


1st prize - Gold membership free for a month

2nd prize - GC 500

3rd Prize - GC 350

4th Prize - GC 250

5th Prize -GC 250


All entries on a notecard, with song titles and artists listed. SEND TO Marianne Breguet, Quailleg1 Resident or Uk2013 Resident and Tania Arcana