House of V is finally going to produce our first real t-shirt. it will initially made in mens sizes from small to 3xl. and will be available through our website for purchase. The shirts will have our circle logo over the left breast with the words House of V under the logo. For the back we are looking to find the perfect design..

The design should be first of all tasteful. It must be something that can be worn in public. It has to be something showing the essence of House of V. It needs to be something which would silk screen well. All initial tshirts will be black so take that into consideration in your design. If it is a picture something we would have all rights.

The contest runs until november 30th and the winner will get two of the first tshirts and 6 months of free Gold..

All submissions should be places in a note card with you name on the notecard and notecard titled tshirt design entry. Please forward entries to ð 尺ågøñ (Drifter Silverfall) or Vvictoria Python.