1- Reserved your board now CONTACT MARIANNE ( it cost nothing if you accept to participate your profile pic will be rezzed in the auction board ).

2- How bidding works ?

The initial bidding starts off at 50L and goes in 50L increments.

If the current high bidder is outbid they are then refunded and the amount of the bid goes up. To outbid the current highbidder they would need to be outbid with the high bid that is stated on the auction board.

Choose the person you would like to bid on, click on the board and select bid.

Anything that goes above 2000L is 2 dances
Anything that goes above 3000L is 3 dances
Anything that goes above 4000L is 4 dances

we stop at 4 dances but you feel free to offer more

3- the boards are going to be ended in December 2023.

During that time you will find out if you've won the dance with the person of your choosing.

4- You come to dance during the Ball on December 2023 with the person who made the highest bid on your board or you contact him or her to dance to a further date.

All proceeds raised will go to TOYS FOR TOTS

Happy Bidding !