We have been doing concerts here at the House of V since August 2012 where our first show was Queen. Since then, we have had concerts ranging from U2, Rammstein, Bon Jovi, KISS, AC/DC, Pink floyd, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest among the wide array of concerts we have put on here at the House of V.

Our concerts are held on every Friday at 4 PM SLT at our concert venue and run about 90 minutes. They involve full staging, lighting, sounds, flames and laser effects. The band as well changes their AV to resemble the band members and the staging is based on the real life stages too. All the music is done with the best possible live recordings of the real life band making the entire experience as if you are really there seeing them live in real life.

Almost every one of one of our concerts are sponsored by vendors on Second Life making the concerts even more exciting as you can get great deals on items at the concert from the vendors as well as they sometimes hand out free items available only at the concerts during the concert.

We have had Anniversary and Birthday concerts too, so the range of things that we do is not limited to just a concert alone. Join one of our Member Groups so you can keep up on notices of the current concert each week. We look forward to seeing you every Friday at the House of V for our Weekly Concert Series and have a great time with us!

Thunder Rock Concerts started out as a tribute band for a motorcycle club late in 2011 as RRMC Tribute Band Rockers. When the creators of the tribute band left the motorcycle club early in 2012, the name became Thunder Rock Concerts.

Wayne Trizomu, Pebbles Somerset and Xtreme12001 Resident founded the tribute band and are still the owners.

Thunder Rock Concerts slowly became recognized by venue owners and has grown from there.

We have worked at many places including The Rock, Canadian Connection, Cole's Galazy, House of V, Firehouse, Ocean Dreams, Big Ass Country, Kitty Cat Box, Gridlag, OD Designs and Neon Moon Lounge, to name a few.

We have performed for numerous motorcycle rallys, benefits, fundraisers and weddings.

Thunder Rock Concerts has an awesome group of band members, as well as managers and public relations representative who help assist the owners.
Our motto - We could not do this without the support of our venue owners, vips, music fans and staff.